Entranceway Bridge Demo Setup

Using synchronized BrightSign Players

Here is an example setup using 4 synchronized BrightSign players for a Entranceway Bridge, that might bee seen at a trade show or event.

This setup is good for entranceway's to trade shows, and other situations that might call for a wide display area like this with digital signage or looping content.

Each individual display has it's own HD content, synchronized with all the other displays.

Entranceway Bridge Outline Graphic

Content is set up in Adobe After Effects as a 7680 x 1080 pixel project, which is then rendered into 4 separate 1920 x 1080 HD videos, one for each player. This gives you much higher quality images than using an 1920x270 image in a typical video wall setup.

7680x1080 Guide Image

The players are synchronized over Ethernet with a simple Local Area Network (LAN).

Additional screens and players could be added for a larger or different bridge setup.

For a list of available BrightSign Players, please see our Inventory List.

Please note we only provide programming and playback devices. You will need to provide Displays or Projection for your specific setup. We can work with your content provider to make sure video and image files are compatible.

If you need more information for a specific application or idea, please contact us with more information, so we can try to accommodate you!