Convention & Event Services

For small and mid size projects

Providing BrightSign Authoring, as well as short term rentals for Trade Shows, Exhibits, and Conventions in the Orlando area.

I have a mix of 18-HD and 4-4K BrightSign models available at this time for short term rental with authoring and setup including technician for all days on-sight.

  • Single and Multiple players with Looping Content
    • Static Images, Video, or Simple Touchscreen Interactivity
  • Multiple players with Synchronized Looping Content
    • Players are synchronized via small LAN or VLAN, may require Cat 5 cable pre-lay for Tradeshow Booths
  • Entranceway Bridge Displays
    • Typically a 1x4 display array over tradeshow entrance, synchronized via small LAN
  • Presenterless Product Theaters
    • Multiple players are synchronized via small LAN or VLAN, with interactive USB keypad to select the start of specific content. May require Cat 5 cable pre-lay for Tradeshow Booths
  • Meeting Room Schedules
    • Meeting Room Schedules and Agendas, may be remotely updated over VLAN
Sample Pharmaceutical Image Loop

BrightSign players are ideal for looping videos up to HD resolution to displays in your booth or exhibit, without the hassle of placing DVD/Blu-ray players out of the way in the booth, and setting them to loop continuously. They are good for individual displays, or multiple displays if you need synchronized content across them. Also capable of simple interactive touch screen projects.

For a list of available BrightSign Players, please see our Inventory List.

Sorry, at this time I do not offer Display rentals, only the playback device an setup. There are several good choices for display rentals in the Orlando area, and we can help make some recommendations based on your needs.

For more information, please contact us.

BrightSign Rental Inventory