Product Theater Demo Setup

Using synchronized BrightSign Players

Here is an example setup using 3 synchronized BrightSign players for a Product Theater, that might be seen at a trade show or event.

The client has a main presentation on the center screen, and augments this presentation with additional information and content on the 2 side screens. All 3 players are synchronized over Ethernet with a simple Local Area Network (LAN).

When there is not a presentation going on, the displays can be playing an attraction loop about the companies products, times of the next presentation, company logo, etc.

The client can manual trigger events throughout the day as needed by use of a small USB Keypad with 12 buttons. These might include variations on the presentation for different products, presentation starting in 5 minutes announcement, overnight screen saver look, attraction loop, etc.

Product Theater Outline Graphic

Additional screens and players could be added for a larger or different theater setup.

For a list of available BrightSign Players, please see our Inventory List.

Please note we only provide programming and playback devices. You will need to provide Displays or Projection for your specific setup. We can work with your content provider to make sure video and image files are compatible.

If you need more information for a specific application or idea, please contact us with more information, so we can try to accommodate you!