Room Signage

Meeting Room Schedules using BrightSign Players

Here is an example setup using BrightSign players for Room Schedules, with motion background and text overlays.

Room schedules can be done in many different ways to display and update your meeting room schedules throughout your event.

We can work with you or your graphics team to create Digital Signage Meeting Room Schedules for you event. We can get your ready made schedules from images, or we can do exports from PowerPoint, spreadsheet data, etc. to get your event information to create schedules and set them up to be displayed at the appropriate times during the day for each room.

For larger events, players can be placed on Hotel or Convention Center VLAN networks for remote changes and updates. We can handle players for up to around 20 Rooms at this time. We can work with your existing AV team, so they can handle displays and stands as part of your existing order, and we can take care of all the digital signage players for those displays.

If you need more information, please contact us so we can try to accommodate you!