LED Wall Specialist

John Birchman - Freelance Technician

Out of Roanoke, VA. Available for travel.

I have been doing small to medium size LED walls for a few years now for conventions, events, and trade shows. I have done small displays with 6 tiles up to medium displays with a little over 300 tiles. This includes both ground support and flown displays. I prefer working with smaller size displays.

I have been working mainly with the following equipment:

Moderna LED Walls BeMatrix

Freeman LED Walls - BeMatrix

Cabletec LED Walls - BeMatrix

Oxy LED Wallx - INFiLED

Go-USA LED Walls - BeMatrix

Polly LED Walls - BeMatrix

Shoptalk LED Walls - Glowshine

Takeda LED Walls - BeMatrix

Trumpf LED Walls - BeMatrix

I also have experience with NEC and similar tiled video walls, and I have NEC Display Wall Calibrator and Datacolor Spyder for setups.

Please contact me for more information if you need a Freelance LED Wall Lead/Engineer for your next project. Available for travel to East Coast prefered, but will also travel to the rest of the United States.